4th Annual Midwest Forensic Training Conference

January 4th-5th, 2018

Lecture Descriptions

This is a list of lectures that will be presented during the 4th Annual Midwest Forensic Training Conference. This list is subject to change. New topics will be continually added. Check back often!

Fingerprint Photography for the Field and Lab

Jon Pugsley

This lecture will discuss equipment, camera settings, and tips/tricks to accurately document latent/patent/plastic fingerprints on a variety of surfaces that are visible under normal lighting conditions, fluorescing due to chemical processes or through the use of an alternate light source (ALS).  The techniques covered will give attendees the basic knowledge needed to photograph fingerprints or give more experienced photographers a refresher in these techniques.  This lecture will discuss how these techniques are performed in the field and how they can be performed in a more controlled environment such as the office processing room or lab.

Common Chain of Custody Mistakes

Lean about the most common mistakes when dealing with chain of custody and property control and how to prevent them.

Electronic Evidence Involved Investigations

Learn how electronic evidence is used to investigate various crimes.

JPAC and Forensic Pathology

FBI Agents formally with the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command talk about how they identified human remains and case studies related to forensic pathology.